There is a fundamental shift coming to Alberta. Its one that our though leaders back to the time of Premier Klein have been planning and that is an economy that can stand up on its own.

Since the 1980s Alberta has been making king sized bets on diversifying our economy into areas of medicine, technology, forestry, tourism and beyond oil and gas. Our universities have retooled to produce graduates for these sectors and our Urban public business development organizations have created programs to encourage entreprenuers and encourage change. It is now 2021. Where are these fundamental changes in Alberta today?

All across Alberta, families have workshops where we build with steel, to do Ag (Agriculture) better and to maintain the massive industrial infrastructure of oil and gas. These are people that live the use-cases that are talked about in the educational institutions of our urban centers. These are the ones, while brought up in our excellent Alberta Education system, yet have not bridged the gap of maintenence to commercializing innovations of our new industries.

Here is what the WBTA is recommending:
  1. Post secondary requires a "pay it forward" term where graduates travel the province and provide continuing education seminars in our rural and urban industrial areas
  2. Employers are encouraged through augmentation of legislated holidays to continuing education, tax rebates (and for the betterment of their enterprise) to send staff to these seminars
  3. Alberta takes a partnership approach to identify innovation, encourage commercialization and keep Made-in-Alberta innovation, based in Alberta.

Alberta has come of age and it is more than an exporter of raw natural resources. The purposesful plans of our institutions have build a foundation where we can now act on the world stage.

We are a work in progress, but our focus is an economic approach, as we believe a solid economic foundation and a solid economic argument will win the day.

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