Tribute to David Crutcher - WBTA Founder

David Crutcher

David Crutcher founded the Western Business and Taxpayers Association in 2008 and lead this independence movement until his passing in 2018

David Crutcher owned and operated his own successful business since 1996 years which gives him the practical experience in budgets, managing people and an in depth understanding that the government which governs best governs least. David Crutcher has signed the front of a cheque and not just the back of one. We need someone helping organize the Western separation movement with a strong fiscal foundation.

David Crutcher has integrity and is a strong supporter of family values. David was married to Mary Crutcher and has five grown children Lisa, Fiona, Sarah, Stephen and Michael.

David Crutcher had an extensive political history in the conservative movement and he has been an active lobbyist. He had worked on behalf of small business owners and residential taxpayers as the Fundraising Chairman for the Political Action Committee for the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB), Western Canada’s fastest growing and Calgary’s largest business and taxpayer advocacy organization.

David Crutcher was also the former President of the Calgary Egmont Constituency Association for the Alberta Alliance and the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. David Crutcher ran for leader of the Alberta Alliance against Paul Hinman in 2004. David was also a member of the federal Conservatives and was an active member in the Canadian Alliance.

In his capacity with the PGIB David Crutcher had extensive experience and has dealt with the labryinth of red tape thrown at him by bureaucrats and politicians at all levels.

David Crutcher was an owner in the Canadian Leadership Institute and owner of Ramatek, an oil and fluid analysis company. David was also the founder and Executive Director of the Western Business and Taxpayer Organization (WBTA).